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Healthy Tomorrow Award: Eric Miller

12:05 PM, Jun 18, 2015


Eric Miller has been credited by many patients with helping them live healthy, active lives. He provides in-depth care that includes educating patients and being available whenever they need him.

Miller is a passionate and caring chiropractor who gets to know his patients and treats them like family, yet with a high degree of professionalism. Described by one patient as “just fabulous” and another as “the best,” Miller inspires high confidence in his patients that they are receiving the best care.

During his undergraduate studies, Miller met Olympic gold-medal decathlon winner Dan O’Brien, who told him about the positive advantages of chiropractic. Miller was inspired to choose that as his profession, and he loves helping people reach their potential naturally.

His practice helps people from various walks of lives, from infants and professional athletes to senior citizens. He enjoys learning something new from every person he meets.

Miller says that his job is memorable and rewarding, and every day is memorable because he works with patients who are different. The best part of his job is helping people enjoy a better quality of life.

He considers it his mission to provide a unique healing experience that enhances the potential of people’s lives through chiropractic care — and his focus is on lifetime family wellness.

Miller has been involved in the community, including through the South Kitsap Rotary. He was also selected to volunteer for the U.S. Golf Association for the past seven years as a member of the health and wellness team, working with professional golfers and their caddies.