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2018 U.S. Open Golf Championship

With the excitement of the upcoming 2018 U.S. Open Golf Championship, Dr. Eric Miller can’t wait.  After interviews, screenings and requirements were met, this Puget Sound Top Doctor of Chiropractic was selected to become one of the Chiropractors to the U.S. Open Golf Championship at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, New York!!!     

          It’s an honor to be part of the US Open Health and Wellness Team.  Dr. Miller is looking forward towards the experience to work with these top caliber athletes and says that it will not only be rewarding personally, but professionally as well.      

          Everyday Dr. Miller is helping people locally to enjoy a better quality of life, a healthier lifestyle and encouraging people to stay active while they age.  Dr. Miller promotes a balanced proactive healthy lifestyle in regards to diet, rest, exercise, being Subluxation free and having your structure and stress balanced          

          Dr. Miller asks people four simple questions:

Are you too fatigued to get out and get active?

Does your flexibility affect your activity level?

Do you experience discomfort while trying to enjoy your activities?

Do you take pain relievers during or after activities?

If people want to get healthy and stay there, they have to have a Chiropractor on their health team.  Why would the United States Golf Association have Chiropractors at the largest event in sports, adjusting golfers and caddies, if it wasn’t essential for their game or health?

          The question is:  If it is good enough for them, why can’t we get the message out to our community? 

So I am!  Let me help you get back into the swing of things by living a happy, healthy proactive lifestyle!


Dr. Eric W. Miller

Truth Chiropractic