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Truth Chiropractic is a referral-based Chiropractic practice. We use this website to explain to Kitsap - area residents what Chiropractic is and what Chiropractic isn't!

Are you looking for a natural solution to headaches or back pain? Or perhaps ways to get well and stay well, that avoid drugs or surgery? You're in the right place! Because finding a qualified Chiropractor in the Kitsap-area begins and ends right here!

Take the first step towards relief by calling our office today. Countless other Kitsap area residents already have!

Our approach is simple. We believe that health is your most valuable asset. And while we generally meet people after they've lost their health, our commitment is two-fold:

1. Relief Care for Kitsap

Relief or wellness's your choice.

When many people seek care in our office they have one goal: relief. So that's where we start! During this initial stage of intensive care, we have several obligations:

- Uncover the underlying cause of the health problem

- Suggest a care plan to produce the fastest results possible

- Offer ways patients can participate on their recovery

- Explain the value of post-symptomatic wellness care

2. Wellness Care for Kitsap

We encourage our patients to achieve the highest levels of health they can. Through educational opportunities (like this website & social media), we hope to communicate the value of ongoing Chiropractic care. Our desire is to see our practice members abandon the prevailing sickness care model of health (waiting for symptoms and then taking action), in favor of the emerging wellness model.

It's your body, your health and your future. Our job is to offer you the finest Chiropractic care possible, and it's up to you to decide how much of it you want.


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